My mom has lived alone in a senior center since dad passed away a few years ago. We have never been wealthy and make do with what we have. We got mom a smartphone last year, and spent many hours teaching her how to do pictures, texting, social media and other things. She is very adept now and wants a computer. So, we are looking at the top Cyber Monday laptop deals 2015 has to offer to get her a good one. Mom is getting into photography. She has been taking classes in photo editing at the local library.

I gave her an old DSLR I had. It was a gift to me from my boss many holidays ago. It still works very well, and is an older pro level camera. Mom is taking excellent pictures, but she can only edit at the library. She cannot afford a new laptop on her income, so we are really hoping the Cyber Monday deals will let us get her a good one. Her next step is video and video editing. I know she will need a performance CPU, plenty of RAM and discreet graphics on the laptop to edit video. And I also know that a discrete graphics card worth its salt is expensive for a laptop.

Mom went from only being tech savvy enough to make her DVD player and microwave work to now being a photo app guru and a semi-pro DSLR camera user. She has had friends pay her to take portrait pictures. She edits at the library and prints through an online service. I knew all this stuff I’m teaching her because I do it for a living. Mom asked my wife and I to just teach her what we can and to be patient. We have and it has paid off. Mom is more free now than she has ever been in her life. We are definitely getting her a good laptop on Cyber Monday.

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