What is CHATGPT? The new technology developed by Open AI that everyone is talking about, everything you need to know

CHATGPT: The platform has inspired other unofficial experiments since Open AI unveiled its popular Chat GPT bot in November, including those of insider reporters trying to mimic news or report possible dates.

The informal nature of chatting with the bot may remind older millennials of the online conversation experience, having grown up using IRC chat rooms, a text-based instant messaging platform. However, Chat GPT, the latest technological advance known as “big language model tools”, cannot “think” or communicate with sensations like humans can.

This means that while Chat GPT can provide an explanation of quantum physics or create a story at will, experts don’t believe full AI takeover is imminent.

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What do the experts think?

According to Matthew Sag, an Emory University law professor who specializes in copyright issues related to the development and deployment of large language models like Chat GPT, “there’s a saying that an infinite number of monkeys will eventually give you Shakespeare.”

“There’s a huge number of monkeys here that are delivering amazing things – but there’s a key difference between the way humans produce language and the way large language models do it,” he added.

How does CHATGPT work?

Big data and advanced computational methods allow chatbots like GPT to predict how words can be connected in a meaningful way. They have access to a vast vocabulary and knowledge, and they also understand words in context. This allows them to impart encyclopedic knowledge while imitating language patterns.

Other IT companies, including Google and Meta, have developed their own massive language model tools that use sophisticated response-generating software to respond to user input. In a groundbreaking move, Open AI has also developed a user interface that allows the general public to experiment with it directly.

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