At Google, they simply do not get tired of innovation and creating money-making marketing strategies. If Apple is considered to be the brand that gives the user a superb usage experience, Google is catching up quickly with releasing the first Android powered tablet which was actually made keeping the strengths of the operating system in mind. The new range of Nexus devices, the Nexus 7 tablet, the Nexus Smartphone and the Nexus Q has been met with a mixed wave of reviews. While the tablet and the Smartphone were well received, the Nexus Q failed miserably.

What is (was) the Google Nexus Q?

The guys at Google are mortals. They too, make mistakes. Modeled to give competition to Apple TV, the Nexus Q was pretty comparable. Both need you to be using Google/Apple services alongside, Google Play/iTunes as the case is over here to stream media to your existing devices over an increased range. The Nexus Q is basically a hub through which all your Android powered devices can stream media. Not just that, you can hook it up with your TV and enjoy HD videos that you have stored on any of your devices. This surely does more than just break the monotony and conversions required before your HD videos could actually be played on your home theater system. With 16GB internal memory and Wi-Fi connectivity, users can also buy Google’s custom speakers.

What Google did not foresee

Google saw the reactions the internet gave to this absurd device and it has since been pulled off the website and is no longer for sale. All the people who pre-ordered the product will be getting it for free. The Nexus Q did look very promising and had a very nice exterior but one thing went horrible wrong, the pricing. While the Apple TV comes for just $99, the price for the Nexus Q was $299. Also, some initial results showed the bandwidth requirements of the device to be reasonably high which caused the video to often pause and buffer in between. Also, similar to the Apple TV and its adaptability to only iOS devices, this device is good only for users who have already purchased Google devices. Otherwise, without Google Play, this just makes for an interesting-looking showpiece.

What Happens Now

Ever since Google pulled the device off the market, it has been revealed that the Nexus Q was just an experiment. All the people who preordered it have had their loyalty rewarded by receiving the device worth $299 for free. They will act as Google’s own team of device testers until a finished product, free of any defects is launched. In fact, many theories are that this was all planned and Google raised the price purposely. Also, the Apple TV comes with PC connectivity so it remains to be seen whether Google also offer some wireless linkage to personal computers, and obviously not just the Chromebooks, which didn’t become as popular as was hoped. The Nexus Q is said to be a device among the many ‘content malls’ which is the future of media playback.

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