Xbox Game Pass adds more games to its November lineup

Microsoft Xbox has announced 10 new titles coming to their monthly game subscription system – Xbox Game Pass, starting today. The list includes some fan favourites such as ‘Dead Space’, which is available to play on Cloud today; and Devolver Digital’s critically-acclaimed talking banana game – ‘My Friend Pedro’, coming to Cloud, Console, and PC (18 November).

Earlier this month, Xbox had given away the newly launched Forza Horizon 5 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition, the latter of which suffered a rocky launch. The company is also running a limited time offer for new players in India. Purchasing a base subscription of Xbox Game Pass for Rs 489 will grant you additional 7 months free.

The package comes with over 100 games on PC and an EA Play membership. So, if you get a subscription today, it will last until July, allowing you to play Halo Infinite campaign for free on launch day i.e., 9 December 2021.

Here’s the latest Xbox Game Pass schedule for the second half of November:

November 16 (Available Today)

Dead Space (Cloud) with EA Play
Dragon Age: Origins (Cloud) with EA Play

November 17

Next Space Rebels (Available Day One on Cloud, Console, and PC)

November 18

Exo One (Available Day One on Cloud, Console, and PC)
Fae Tactics (Cloud, Console, and PC)
My Friend Pedro (Cloud, Console, and PC)
Undungeon (Available Day One on Cloud, Console, and PC)

November 23

Deeeer Simulator (Available Day One on Cloud, Console, and PC)
Mortal Shell (Cloud, Console, and PC)

November 30

Evil Genius 2 (Cloud, Console, and PC)

Additionally, there are a handful of titles that will be leaving the service by the end of this month. They are Call of the Sea, FIFA 19, Football Manager 2021, Haven, Hello Neighbor, Morkredd, and a-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action. Popular online multiplayer Destiny 2 will also be leaving Game Pass on 8 December. You can read more on that and some upcoming DLCs updates here.

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