Xbox Game Pass Already Has 3 Day One Games Confirmed for December 2021

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service has had an incredible year, and it’s looking to end things with a bang. While Microsoft has yet to reveal all of the new games that are coming to Xbox Game Pass as part of the December 2021 lineup, the company has already confirmed three day one releases that are scheduled to drop for Xbox Game Pass in December, including one of the year’s biggest Xbox games.

The way Microsoft reveals new Xbox Game Pass offerings is pretty much the same every month. Usually Microsoft starts off the month by announcing the new Xbox Game Pass games coming in the next two weeks, then another batch of new Xbox Game Pass games are confirmed in the middle of the month. Because of this, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will likely have to wait until the beginning of December before they’ll be able to learn about all of the new Xbox Game Pass games for December 2021.


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But while fans will have to wait to learn about every new Xbox Game Pass game for December, previously-announced release dates mean that fans already have some idea of what’s to come. As previously stated, there are three day one Xbox Game Pass games that are already on deck for December, and they include some heavy hitters that should prove to be a huge additions to the service.

Xbox Game Pass Day One Games for December 2021

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  • Halo Infinite (December 8)
  • Among Us (December 14)
  • The Gunk (December 16)

First and foremost is Halo Infinite. Halo Infinite was originally meant to release alongside the Xbox Series X as a launch title for Microsoft’s next-generation console, but after backlash to the campaign reveal trailer, the decision was made to push its release date back by over a year. This extra time in the oven appears to have paid off, as public opinion of Halo Infinite seems to have improved dramatically, with fans now more positive about both the campaign and the online multiplayer component.

When Halo Infinite launches for Xbox Game Pass on December 8 it will include a full-fledged campaign that will see Master Chief do battle with The Banished on the Zeta Halo ring. Halo Infinite is embracing open world elements to deliver a truly unique Halo experience, and while it does look great, there are some caveats that fans should keep in mind. Namely, Halo Infinite is launching without co-op, a first for the franchise.

Not only that, but the Halo Infinite Forge mode isn’t going to be at launch either. While this is no doubt disappointing news to some Halo fans, the game’s availability through Xbox Game Pass means it may not be quite the dealbreaker that it would have been otherwise. And while these features aren’t going to be available in Halo Infinite at launch, they are planned to come to the game sooner rather than later, so hopefully fans don’t have to wait too long.


Shortly after Halo Infinite comes to Xbox Game Pass on December 8, social deduction game Among Us will be added as the second day one release for December 2021. Coming to Xbox Game Pass on December 14, 2021, Among Us is finally making its Xbox debut after becoming incredibly popular on mobile and PC. Among Us being available on Xbox Game Pass should ensure that it has a built-in playerbase right away, and that in turn should improve the overall online experience. The height of the Among Us craze may be past, but the game’s Xbox Game Pass debut could very well give it a second wind.

The third day one Xbox Game Pass game confirmed for December 2021 is a sci-fi action-adventure game known as The Gunk. The Gunk has players take control of a character named Rani who has to clean the titular Gunk off an alien planet. The Gunk gameplay videos have looked impressive so far, and while it may not have the recognition of Among Us or the hype of Halo Infinite, it should still prove to be an important release for Game Pass come December 16.

There will be many more new Xbox Game Pass games announced for December 2021, though fans will have to wait and see what they are. Not all of these new Xbox Game Pass games for December 2021 will be day one releases, but they should still be important additions to the service regardless.

While fans wait for more information on the new Xbox Game Pass games coming in December 2021, they can check out the November 2021 offerings. The critically-acclaimed Forza Horizon 5 just dropped for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, plus Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition is coming soon as well. There are plenty more new Xbox Game Pass games dropping in November 2021 as well, so subscribers should be plenty busy while they wait for info on the new games for December.

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