Xbox Game Pass Fans Already Have 2 Day One Games to Look Forward to in January 2022 [UPDATE]

Update 12/22/2021: Devolver Digital has announced that delay of Weird West, pushing the game back to March 31, 2022. This means that Xbox Game Pass subscribers now only have two day one games to look forward to in January 2022 so far, with The Anacrusis and Windjammers 2 still on track to launch next month. It’s possible that more day one games will be added to Xbox Game Pass in January, but Microsoft has yet to make any announcements.

Original story follows with mentions of Weird West removed.


2021 was a banner year for Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Critically-acclaimed older titles were added to Xbox Game Pass on a regular basis throughout 2021 alongside a never-ending stream of day one releases, including some of the year’s most popular games. Day one games like Psychonauts 2, Forza Horizon 5, and Halo Infinite made Xbox Game Pass a no-brainer and must-have for any Xbox console owner, and it looks like 2022 is shaping up to be a big year for the service as well.

Because of the way Microsoft confirms new Xbox Game Pass releases, fans don’t have the full scope of what next year will have in store. We know that STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl will be an Xbox Game Pass game, and it’s highly likely that the award-winning Deathloop will make its way to Xbox Game Pass at some point next year as well. It may be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive for now, but Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda means that Deathloop almost certainly will be jumping ship to Xbox and debuting on Game Pass in 2022, though official plans have yet to be confirmed at the time of this writing.

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Games like Deathloop and STALKER 2 are going to come a little later in 2022, but Xbox Game Pass subscribers have a lot to look forward to in the more immediate future as well. Microsoft has yet to reveal all of the games coming to Xbox Game Pass in January 2022, so while fans will have to hang tight and wait for more information on that front, there’s still a lot for them to look forward to already. Based on what’s confirmed so far, it definitely seems as though Microsoft is looking to start 2022 strong for Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass New Games for January 2022

  • The Anacrusis – January 13
  • Windjammers 2 – January 20

There are two games confirmed for Xbox Game Pass in January 2022 at the time of this writing, though they will almost certainly be joined by many other titles that have yet to be revealed. Microsoft typically announces the new Xbox Game Pass games coming in the first half of the month around the 1st, and then the second half is announced around the 15th, give or take. This means that it will still be a couple of weeks or so before Xbox Game Pass subscribers know all the games coming to the service in the first half of January, and about a month before they know about the titles hitting the service in the second half of January.

On January 13, Xbox Game Pass subscribers have another day one game to look forward to in the form of The Anacrusis. A Left 4 Dead-style game, The Anacrusis is set on a spaceship with a 70s aesthetic where up to four players can work together to fight off waves of deadly alien enemies. Its Xbox Game Pass launch is technically early access, but it should still give co-op fans plenty to do and is definitely one to watch for Left 4 Dead enthusiasts.

The Anacrusis is Launching for Xbox Game Pass Next Month

In case any Left 4 Dead fans are still unconvinced, The Anacrusis is actually being made by Stray Bombay, a studio headed by former Valve developer Chet Faliszek. Faliszek worked on the Left 4 Dead series during his time with Valve, and so it’s safe to say that it will likely scratch that same itch.

And on January 20, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can look forward to the debut of Windjammers 2. The original Windjammers released all the way back in 1994, but has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years. The long-awaited sequel Windjammers 2 will feature similar gameplay as its predecessor, offering players an arcade sports experience where they have to throw a frisbee into their opponent’s goal. Windjammers 2 will offer a variety of new gameplay features to better appeal to modern gamers, like support for online play, and Xbox Game Pass subscribers are free to check it out at no additional cost beyond their usual subscription fee.

These two day one games ensure that Xbox Game Pass subscribers already have a lot to look forward to in January 2022, but they’re really just the tip of the iceberg. Expect the full rundown of the new Xbox Game Pass games launching in January 2022 in the weeks ahead.

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