Xbox Game Pass for PC is now PC Game Pass

Microsoft unveiled a very important update — the subscription service formerly known as Xbox Game Pass for PC is now simply called PC Game Pass, which should clear up a lot of confusion in case you thought you need an Xbox to take advantage of the rotating game catalogue. The regular Xbox Game Pass is still available and nothing else has really changed, except now it’s clear what device each program is for.

The Xbox Game Pass for PC Twitter account tweeted some more details … which mostly reiterate “Xbox Game Pass for PC is now just called PC Game Pass” in various bullet points.

Microsoft has been attempting to make Xbox games more friendly for PC users. Last month, the PC gaming store got a makeover to make Xbox Game Pass easier to use on computers, and in June, Microsoft announced that Xbox Game Pass would be included as part of the Windows 11 operating system.

PC Game Pass has a special deal where you can get three months for just $1, before the full price of $9.99 a month kicks in. Both services offer new games every month — and this month brings titles like Stardew Valley and Halo Infinite. But as the Microsoft overlords bless, they also taketh away, and games leave the service every month as well.

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