Xbox Game Pass – Unlimited access to >100 games on PC and console

Xbox Game Pass for games on PC and console

When it comes to diversity and accessibility, it can be very hard to think of anything that can keep up with him Xbox Game Pass. With this subscription service, Xbox offers hundrets of Play, be it story-based or esports-worthy titles. Whether you’re looking for something to relax or want to be the best among your friends, Xbox Game Pass has it all.

Since inserting a disc into your PC or console is so 2002, Xbox ensures that your gaming sessions remain smooth and varied. Sounds good? Read on to find out more.

What can you do with Xbox Game Pass?

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Xbox Game Pass is a subscription-based gaming service available in 3 versions: Ultimate, Console and PC. All 3 versions feature hundreds of titles including forthcoming Day 1 releases – for the uninformed, this means you can play new games on the day of their release.

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As great as that sounds, Xbox has also made navigating this massive collection of games a breeze for both Xbox and PC users with just a simple download and install. After that, the floodgates are open for all games one could wish for.

To sweeten the deal all it takes is win $1 Access a whole new library of games during your first month of the Game Pass subscription for the PC or the Ultimate version. After that, depending on which package you choose, it will cost you from $9.99/month for the same unlimited access to the library.

What games can you expect?

Xbox Game Pass - Games available
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The Xbox Game Pass includes a wide range of titles, but above all complete series. the battlefield series has always been a staple of the action category, and Game Pass lets you take full advantage of it battlefield Experience in chronological order.

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Xbox Game Pass also offers members-only benefits like exclusive in-game items and cosmetic upgrades for select titles. Members also get discounts on the Xbox Store when they want to buy games that aren’t included in Game Pass.

Affordable gaming with Xbox Game Pass

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Well, what fun is gaming if you can’t enjoy it with others? Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also includes Xbox Live Gold so you can pursue your gaming conquests online. This means you can play with others who enjoy the same games as you, be they friends or total strangers.

As the icing on the cake EAPlay is thrown into the mix. This will open up more games for you, e.g FIFA Series where you can summon your inner Kylian Mbappe, plus try out new EA releases for up to 10 hours – no impulse buying here.

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As mentioned above – Xbox Game Pass is available on both console and PC, but we can’t have an Xbox article without mentioning that Xbox Series S can we?

The Series S is an all-digital console that aligns the theme with Game Pass and paves the way for next-gen gaming. With faster load times and higher resolutions, it enables gamers to experience smooth disc-free gaming.

Along with the mentioned benefits, the slim Series S is built in a compact frame that measures 11″ x 5.9″ x 2.6″. That means you won’t have a problem lugging it home to your friends and family to play with your loved ones.

However, if playing cult-favorite games is on your to-do list for 2023, treat yourself to a new console with Xbox Game Pass will definitely help. You will never get bored with an unlimited amount of games at your fingertips.

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