Microsoft just added this “most requested feature” to Windows 11

Microsoft is testing a new feature for Notepad that will allow users to edit and manage multiple tabs at once.

According to Microsoft, Tabs for Notepad is one of the most requested features by users and follows the tabbed file explorer in Windows 11 according to user requests.

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Users can manage and organize multiple files with tabs in one Notepad window or open a new window by dragging out a tab. Also, Microsoft added a new setting that allows users to choose whether files open in new tabs or a new window by default.

Tabbed Notepad is available in Notepad (version 11.2212.33.0) for Windows 11 for Windows Insiders on the Dev Channel.

There are new keyboard shortcuts for managing tabs and a feature that automatically generates a file name and tab name for unsaved files based on content. There is also an updated indicator for unsaved changes.

Dave Grochocki, senior product manager for Windows “Inbox Apps,” warns that the preview contains some bugs that could affect certain keyboard shortcuts. Microsoft is also working to improve the tab app’s performance. Inbox apps come with Windows 11, e.g. B. Clock and calendar.

“With this update, we’re introducing support for multiple tabs—a feature most requested by the community—that lets you create, manage, and organize multiple files in a single Notepad window,” he said.

As with File Explorer, browsers, and other tabbed apps, the tabs are spread across the top of the window, with a plus icon for adding more tabs.

“We’re aware of a few issues that may impact your experience with this preview. Some users may experience issues with certain keyboard shortcuts, and we will continue to optimize performance to ensure Notepad continues to meet our high standards of performance, reliability, and compatibility,” Grochocki wrote in a blog post.

Microsoft previously added tabs to developer apps like Windows Terminal and PowerShell.

Microsoft has also released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25281 on the Dev Channel. The build includes a redesigned Graphics page in the Settings app, where gamers can adjust settings related to GPU Settings, Auto HDR, and Windowed Game Optimizations. These settings apply to DirectX 10, DirectX 11, and DirectX 12 games.

Starting with this update, Microsoft is testing new “treatments” for content in Windows Spotlight, the feature that rotates various Bing images on the lock screen.

“All treatments continue to share the existing core features of Windows Spotlight, such as For example, hovering over the icon on the desktop, right-clicking the icon on the desktop, and double-clicking the icon on the desktop,” explains Microsoft’s Windows Insider team.

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Treatments will feature a richer UI showing the title and description. Users also get more information about the displayed image Spotlight.

Users can activate Windows Spotlight by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting “Personalize” to choose the new Spotlight theme. Windows Spotlight can also be activated by going to Settings > Personalization > Background and selecting it under “Personalize Background”. Microsoft’s instructions for configuring and disabling Spotlight can be found here.

Microsoft is also experimenting with how it switches to different images with previews, a full-screen experience, and a minimized experience.

“Insiders in the Dev Channel see different treatments on their PCs, so not everyone sees the same thing and treatments are only shown in English,” Microsoft adds.


Image: Microsoft

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